May 19 2020

What is Arts Giving Day?

Arts Giving Day was created a s a way to draw attention to those that create art in any form, and allowing those individuals and organiations to ask for your support. It's simple, it's focused, and it can be powerful because of you.

Your Mission as a Donor

Pick your favorite arts individual or organization. On May 17, donate to them, buy a piece of art, a recording. DO SOMETHING economically to support the arts. There is no wrong answer, except not supporting arts that you appreciate and enjoy. That's it. No committments anywhere else.

Your Mission as an Arts Creating Person or Entity

Make noise. Remind people that you bring art to the world. Ask for support. Don't make it hard. You deserve it.

Social Media Hash Tags

Across any social media platform, you can use these hash tags to tie your campaign to the larger awareness effort:

#ArtsGivingDay, #IGive2Arts, #Give2Arts